Lessons learnt well for the upcoming plans for online teaching/learning – Topic 5

When I started the ONL201 course, the Covid-19 pandemic was limited to Chine only. As the pandemic spread around the world, businesses, social life and education almost stopped in many countries. People stayed lockdown at homes and sought education online. This made the ONL201 more inevitable and more valuable for all educators. Then, we learnt our lessons well that we need a good system of online teaching/learning offered with appropriate tools for students (learners) and educators. More importantly, the lessons learnt well that such courses as ONL201 teaches you skill, right tools, and ideas to think about all details of opening an online or blended course in your own fields, not in regular times but also during difficult times like Covid-19 pandemic. In addition, the lessons well learnt that the ONL201 makes us think about the concerns and emotions of students as well. Therefore, ONL201 is a must for every teacher offering online course.

Being a member of ONL community made me feel special, privileged, and equipped with the necessary furnishing for online teaching. It made me feel like it because I am aware of what I have learnt and I will offer courses in my filed by using similar tools and methods learnt in ONL201 to enhance learning/teaching in my own context. The ONL201 was special for me because I have never taken an online course before and the course I took is all about online learning, a double-edged sword in online learning experience for me. In addition, I felt like a member of family during the regular meetings with the facilitator and group members, all being so kind, respectful and intellectual in their own fields. I thought the facilitator and group members are special already and we had a great synchrony.

The most important thing I have learnt through my engagement in the ONL course is the value of working together as a group in learning technical tools I have never been aware of before. At the beginning of each topic, I was skeptical about the proceeding, succeeding or completing the assignment, but as we discuss and search about the topic we overcome the scenarios and made it together. The facilitation was also great to proceed otherwise it could not be possible.

The whole experience of ONL201 will make my future guideline in leading and offering online courses for my own professional practice. This is true not only for myself as a teacher but also for my students as learners. I may even be a role model in my faculty and in my university since there is no real online courses at present offered at Erciyes University. With the experience of Covid-19 pandemic, the possibility of going online is very high and the university has had plans for it already.

Although I spent a lot of time, a lot more than I initially thought, it was definitely worth taking the ONL201. I highly recommend it to all teachers going online teaching.           

Lessons learnt well for the upcoming plans for online teaching/learning – Topic 5” için 3 yorum

  1. Nice to read your reflections! I agree on that at the beginning of each topic one had no idea of how to realise an output. I felt it was very frustrating the first week, but then I started to “trust the process” as it seemed to work and it really interesting to see that we could make something together that we would have not been able to by ourselves. I am also recommending my colleagues to learn more about these things!

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